Board games. Last Will. Unusual inheritance. When in another world leaves one of your hoarders - relatives, normally is the will reading, calling on the careless descendants "to protect, to save and multiply their belongings back-breaking labor." But not this time! Today on the Pink sofa Board game Last Will .   Who would have thought that the last will of your late uncle, who loved the privacy and the money becomes such a non-standard conditions for obtaining a solid inheritance: it is necessary to spend faster than others issued in Bank savings, and only those who succeed in this difficult task of revelry and profligacy, will receive the remaining millions. And hurry up - uncle to five nephews, and they are not averse to carousing at the expense of others.   Having a notary the small box and listened to words of encouragement, hurry home to see the contents of the "Last will of the deceased".   Lots of cards, tokens, cardboard tiles, wooden components, several playing fields and the will itself, the text of which is written in an unknown language for many. Well, that Michael (Magnitt) and Alex (Yushin) translated the manuscript and edited it in the original booklet, and then to understand and then deal...   Overview of contents I will begin with a mini-Supplement that allows you to change the order of moves of players. In a normal game this happens in a circle, the Supplement allows you to fight for that privilege on an individual field. To indicate the position of the player used cardboard clock markers.   To plan their actions, each player will use a wooden disk of their color, and the task to send two messengers, as from the constant partying is not something that to walk is to stand on his feet hard. Black hexagon goes to the first player, and the gray will be counting rounds of the game.   Large wooden drive will be at the disposal of each player and will be useful for individual fields, and the wooden handle in the form of a house need to check the cost of the purchased property. Cooks, guests, horses and dogs (colored markers) will allow to dissipate more money, the main thing - to hire more of these crooks, parasites and plunderers of the property of others within his staff.   5 individual fields of players, which differ from each other only in color, allow to splash out and spend money, activating laid out on cardboard cards. On the left, the track on which the player will move the gray marker, noting the amount spent and the resulting actions.   If you are missing standard fields - extend it with an additional tile. A total of 12 doors will complement the rooms of the players and enhance their capabilities. When you play three or five of them need to increase the gaming space additional bilateral module in the field. Money in the game cardboard, rectangular, five denominations. Slightly smaller than banknotes, 4 red marker with different ratios will affect the purchase and sale of housing real estate market, as you know, unstable.   Bilateral field planning and proposals (each side is designed for the mentioned number of players). The cartons can be placed in any order - each segment of the field has their function. Don't forget about the proposals in a three player game and the five of us!   The game uses 140 cards 7 types.   Events (white frame) make it possible to dissipate the money, a cruise, going to the Opera, a ball, a ride with the breeze in the carriage after Breakfast in the trendy restaurant. This disposable card and their goal is to spend some cash from your budget.   To dissipate a substantial amount alone is hard enough - health may not be enough, so call me to his home to various fans of free entertainment and spend money on pointless memberships in expensive clubs and reserve tables at upscale restaurants. Card assistants (with black edges) are placed the player on the tablet and allow him to constantly spend your finances.   In addition to the assistants may be asked to make a different lady; to employ sophisticated, skilled, useless, but very dear chef; to replenish the stables of thoroughbred trotters and make a couple of dozen greyhounds for hunting. By the way, let them feed the chef, the extra costs will not hurt us. Two special cards - the "Joker" that allows you to hire any companion of their choice.   Invest in real estate and agriculture - you have to keep it all in order, which will require money. Your home to decay and aging, which allows you to sell them for an amount many times less than the original cost! And farm purchase trotters, Pragati them to the plough, hold individual chef with a tray of delicacies, and in your fields will work the most useless and most expensive in the world of combine harvesters!   Usually players get early in the game a fixed amount of money. But if you are already a seasoned spenders, then try your luck and get the initial state, relying on luck and on one of the cards will.   Special cards (with a crown) will allow players how to spend money, and to additional steps that are vital to you. Each stack will come into play at the time, and each contains many useful and interesting maps.   It's time to splash out!   Decide on the number of applicants for the inheritance, make the playing field an appropriate way, and not far form the Bank money and position markers companions. Stacks of cards, sorted by type of shirt lay in the area of accessibility of all players is to take their will always.   The tiles extension of individual fields, the "Jokers" and is formed in a special way a deck of special cards are also place nearby. Gray marker set at the initial position of the track rounds and randomly place red markers on the market.   Each player receives an individual tablet two chips messengers, marker planning and a gray disk-the token that must be installed on the "0" mark of the track action. If you play the first time, then take from the Bank for £ 70, otherwise shuffle the cards of wills, pull one and get the random seed capital.   After that, each player receives three cards real estate and assistants from the resulting maps can be used to leave only two, and the rest must be reset after the phase of "preparation" in the first round.   The most generous bidder on the inheritance issue black start player marker.   At the beginning of each round, you must prepare the bid, occupying it with cards from the appropriate stacks. In each location indicate the type of card that is used in the corresponding round. Cards are placed face down and then flipped.   As you can see, here is where to turn the soul of the spender - romance. Left to grab the card before its competitors, and it will allow us to make a poster planning on the playing field.   Starting with the first player, each applicant for an inheritance puts their marker on one of the columns. In column indicated the number of any card (excluding Wild cards and cards with a crown), which the player will take in the current round, the number of messengers can be sent to the location for receiving bonuses, and the number of actions available to the player in the current round (this number may change special cards during the game).   The first performs the actions of the player who placed the marker in the leftmost column, and so on, from left to right.   The players, one by one, send their messengers at any location and perform certain actions: the yellow player can take one normal map for your choice, blue gets the tile extension for your field, and red map of the property. The remaining two locations will allow you to immediately spend two coins in the theatre or swap markers on the market.   Some locations allow you to choose from multiple cards. In our example, the yellow player receives one special card of the three on the choice. All cards from the field to climb into his hand absolutely free and without any restrictions.   After all the players have placed their messengers and due to receive bonuses, it's time to spend money. And it can be done in various ways.   Initially, I note that to activate the card the necessary actions, the number of which are listed on the map with a red rectangle. Available at this time, the player number is marked with a gray marker on the individual playing field (remember the planning phase, the bottom number in the column).   Card with white frame are just on the table, are disposable and bring immediate effect. Together with them you can play and card companions - they increase the effect of "squandering". For example: go to the theatre, spending one action and immediately lose 3 pounds. You want to eat? In this case, waste your action, and go to a restaurant where you leave 2 pounds. But if you will make the company one or two ladies, it'll cost you more: 4 or 6 coins respectively lighten your wallet.   The ball can be notably carousing, but you will have to pay the actions for two actions you will spend 4 coins, and seven - as many as 25! Where only these additional steps to take...   And you can get them with various special cards - spend one, and get three actions in the "hectic day". The cards immediately go into reset, each in its own separate stack, except cards with a crown - they are out of the game in the box.   Card with black frame allow to make long-term investments in disaster - first, the map is laid out in the top position of the section - this means it is not activated. Spending the action and sliding the picture down, you activate the event and immediately lose the specified in the right corner amount of money.   Some cards don't require action in order to place them on the individual field and have specific properties. For example, real estate - houses deteriorate and fall apart that is very helpful.   When placing the individual field maps of the property, the player pays the Bank the amount specified in the column top of the column. First, the house is worth maximum amount of money, a - mark this token of "house" on the scale. If you don't activate the card in current turn, then slide the marker down one position and so on, until the last line. The money is not spent, but the benefit of this omission is, and I'll tell you about it later.   The farm is not cheaper, but you can check its voracious and useless animals, when activated, to spend a much greater amount than just patched and rickety buildings during the renovation. And who needs this repair - the sooner it collapses, the better!   Special cards, for example, the gardener, do not require any activation points, but can, in conjunction with activated building to help additionally spend indicated on the card the amount of money flooding the garden specified in the card houses a variety of exotic flowers that will die during the first frost.   Take a ride in the carriage, unfortunately, is not so expensive, but does not require activation points. Give us a leg up to a young lady (one action) and then ride with the wind three coins without spending again any of the action!   In our example the player has not activated the building and it fell by one point. In this case, you have not spent any coins. But horses and dogs are activated in one step, you are deprived of the seven francs!   Players can discard cards with a black border and replace them with others. But you can't do that with real estate - must sell. The farm cost the initial amount, and will cost. But the real estate...   ... A property you need to sell, while receiving the income, which in our case is undesirable. To influence the situation on the real estate market, holding there the negative marker on the desired type of selling the building. In this case, when calculating the final amount, is also taken into account modifier in our example in the implementation of the yellow townhouse player will receive only 7-3 = 4 coins. But they also need to spend, as the winner will be the one in whose pockets the wind and who will not own any property on an individual tablet (including the farm).   At the end of each round (when all players have completed all of the steps), all activated cards are returned to the original position, the marker rounds moves to the next position, players leave in the hands of only 2 cards, and the rest is discarded. After that remove all cards from the tablet sentences and draw a new one. The first move goes to the next player, and the madness continues with a new force.   If you have addition, the stroke order is set in accordance with the position of the marker hours on the track. You can change the order by sending a servant to this location and moving your drive to the first position by sliding the other to the right.   Only a complete bust, first came to the notary with some sandals and a ragged shirt, get the status of your uncle. Though, perhaps, it was a joke, and the money spent and was the legacy that you inherited. Learn from the second part of wills these relatives do not understand...   Having spent all...   To begin with, I want to thank Nosecka and her blog "Nedomina" because she drew my attention to this wonderful game and also for consultations on the review of the rules. The game is great, and half of the emotions gives her indescribable atmosphere of profligacy!   Where else will you spend money? The purpose of all the matches, accumulation and conservation, achieving and takeoff. Here you need only one thing - to spend all as fast as possible and fall to the bottom of society! Off - dine in restaurants, ride in carriages, feed the dogs selected oats and horse meat (or Vice versa, but it would deprive you of money). Crooks, thieves, flatterers and spenders - all to visit us, take as much as possible and get as far as possible! Let the building deteriorate, and farms operating at a loss - it all brings you closer to victory.   Despite the rollicking theme, the game is not simple and will require you to produce an effective card combinations. To achieve victory, there are many ways to repair the property, populate the farm, go to parties and restaurants with friends, go on a cruise - in any time you can change tactics and choose a new path of profligacy. The game is good because it is very well balanced - with equal level players you won't able to tear yourself away from others and rest on our laurels - we will have every course to prove my leadership to others.   Despite the apparent complexity, the game family. The only consequential flaw - 26 types of icons designed to do different actions. But everything is intuitive, and after the second batch no problems will arise - we laid out the game with family and with children squandered more than one condition to everyone's satisfaction.   Continue Reading Last Will. I didn't think that spending money is so difficult! Uncle was the rogue. To make fun of relatives, he decided very subtly: leave a legacy to those who faster other to get flushed down the toilet a certain amount. In General, a strange approach. Very rich people tend to be quite stingy, and there is such a disorder. For the first batch, it is recommended to 70 pounds, and then a special deck of cards to determine how much you will have to hurry to spend it. Spread, like, from 70 to 120. There should be noted the originality of the theme as a whole, because in any other game you are going to make money or victory points, and here it is necessary to remove from the dough and do it as efficiently as possible. And your brain is very difficult to reconstruct such recklessness, which is a conflict with the need, as in any other Euro, to analyze, to calculate their moves and look for more optimal way of extravagance. Always throws those phrases like, "For this I get 4 pounds", and immediately correct myself: "Oh, no, don't get and spend!". Although the essence of, to be honest, is the same. Reversal and imagine that we need to spend and earn £ 70, and the game did will not change. And originality of the entire shoots.   Well. A little vivesa in the role and see how let's make it rain and how to make it more efficient and effective. A certain atmosphere despite abrahamovitch is indeed present, even the name of the phases allows you to feel it. The game lasts a number of rounds until the moment, when someone does not go to zero or go into debt or not over the last, seventh, round. The first and fifth phases of the round is the setup and the end of the round, you need to prepare for the next round and absolutely do not carry the gaming load. In the second phase we plan to the next day revelry to the fullest, one at a time, starting with the first player, selecting from eight possible options for the next day. We evaluate the options according to three criteria and choose the most acceptable to us: the number of cards we receive, the number of messengers that we send with the instructions and the number of actions that can be used to actually spending a blood uncle. Between the plans there is a balance: in one case you get a lot of cards in hand, but little action in the other — a lot of action, but will be left entirely without maps. The choice of plan also affects what players are the first to send messengers for all sorts nyashki, that is, determines the next move to the next phase.   A typical worker placement awaits us in the third phase of the game — phase of the messengers. We put your cylinders on a common field, and once something get. You can just go to the theater and spend it on a couple of pounds, maybe it's a weak move, but can be a good option. In another case, you can change the situation on the real estate market: reduce the cost of some types of buildings and improve — others. This is a very interesting thing, but real estate transactions are quite a dark horse, if they are considered relatively advantageous strategies. Also you can expand your personal field, allowing him to put on more cards. All the other places allow you to get a hand of cards that you can enter in game in this round. Oh, how boring to describe these are your rules, horror. Hedgehogs were pricked, but... Now I will tell you about the cards and how the mechanism works!   To the fourth phase — the phase of action for you that you had on hand a number of cards most likely different types. Each card, especially in conjunction with other cards, will allow you to throw a certain number babletsa when you activate it. So, when planning your day, you received a certain number of actions, which you spend to activate cards. White card (event) — a one-time thing, which are activated and then reset. You can go and fill up tightly in a restaurant, carriage rides, walks on the yacht, etc. But doing these things alone is not necessarily, because if you have on hand card companions it is possible to take a dog to go on horseback, to invite a lady or having a private chef. These cards are not played separately, but in conjunction with other cards can afford to bucks more. But if you, for example, showed up to the ball, then it is possible pretty let's make it rain, though the amount of money spent depends on the number of actions that are given to you on this round. And it is never large, always enough to darling turned on full. Pichalka.   Of greatest interest are cards with black piping, because they can be placed in his personal box, to activate each round, throwing off at the same some amount of money. Very handy thing, you will not be removed from the field. Here is a typical such expenses, as in white event maps, and have "helpers". And the "helper" is in quotes, because actually this is a rascal rascal, robbing you. Black card spending are different from the white event cards is the fact that once you enter the game, allow you to spend money each round. Card partners can be combined with maps events and maps costs. The map companion is reset, and a black card is put a marker of a certain color. I've never seen wooden pale pink, they are so cute! Pink lady, brown dog, white — cooks, yellow horses. So, what about the cards I haven't told? And, most interesting, and ambiguous — about real estate and transactions with it.   Map of real estate have black piping, that means they need to place on your own field. Purchase of buildings or farms will allow the applicant for a giant inheritance to quickly spend a considerable amount. Real estate in the Last Will cost you about twenty pounds, that, you, a lot. Besides, when you activate these cards, you are again wasting money. But it's a double-edged sword, because you can't win in the rat race, if you do not sell previously purchased buildings. By the way, maps associates real estate can also be combined.   Selling the building, you obviously get the money back, but there is an interesting nuance. You can influence the value of the buildings at the moments of their purchases and sales. First, in the phase messengers that can affect the value of certain types of buildings, changing the markers on the real estate market. When dealing with it to the cost of building or added a certain number of pounds, or subtracted from it. Here, of course, it is advantageous to buy more expensive and sell cheaper (we do spend money). Due to the market it is possible to represent the amplitude of 6 pounds (from -3 to +3 to cost). Second, while the building is on your Board, with each round the value of it drops one notch, but only if the round it was activated. And, thirdly, to reduce the cost of existing properties is possible due to the introduction of the game's special cards, they can be with white and black piping.   Special cards can either recall the cards from standard decks (though be a bit stronger), and may be quite different. That's why all the icons speckart decoded on the last page of the rules. These cards can allow you many things: to increase the number of actions in the round, to vary the value of property for buying/selling, you can get additional money during the campaigns to the same restaurant or something, not to waste action on the purchase of real estate. In General, it really is worth a look.   By the way, when I read the rules, then very quickly move into them, I really didn't perceive by ear. This, apparently, associated difficulties of mastering the rules when someone says them to me. We played with Olga one party to understand, however, she won, and I ended up with three measly pounds. We once thought that the difficulty in mastering the game can be associated only with variety of cards that in fact, if we ignore the atmosphere, and not so difficult, because everything is very available shown as icons. White to play immediately, the black — Luggage on Board. If you need to spend an action at some step, then all prilepnica the letter "A" (action), so you don't forget. If you specify a number of pounds, it means that as much you spend. It's hard to get lost. May with special cards need the reminder, though in the second or third game and she, I'm sure, would no longer be needed.   The second batch was much more interesting has happened in our club, Board games at the next Friday's game library. In it, I was involved purely as a game master, gathering around him a circle of investigators. Even Julia sat down to play, though, as usual, only for Mahjong :). By the way, she won... that's what an economist to the bone — I managed to get into debt at -7 lbs, while the others remained with 13-20 pounds in his pocket. A good backlash. Of course, in such hands, the enchanting heritage shone it Julia. The fact that she rapidly wins, it became clear somewhere for a couple of rounds to end the game. All the other depressed. It is very difficult to judge a winning strategy, as far as I know, those who played "the Last will" an elderly relative, also there is no clear successful revelers. The yellow mipl expresses doubt about the wisdom of real estate transactions. But facts are a stubborn thing, because Julia had bought a lot of buildings, well they used greatly reduced the cost and pushed generally on the cheap. By the way, thanks largely to speckart. What to do to win? Can't answer the scenarios quite a lot.   The familiarity with this game encouraged by the fact that she is beautiful and not very complicated. Perhaps dry, as any Euro, and is not super original mechanic in your stock, but at the same time really has a certain atmosphere thanks to the unique topic. You start the morning with, plan the day, then sent messengers on errands, and then have fun and throw money, gladly allowing himself to cheat every crooks. In this game there is even a sense of the transience of time, because you have only a week to spend 70 pounds, and how well you do, depends on you.   Continue Reading Last Will Board Game   weight: 1375 size: 32 x 23 x 7 cm package contents: 3 bilateral field 5 personal tablet 12 extension for personal tablets 4 badge Customizer market 140 cards, 10 chips messenger 5 activity of 5 markers planning 30 chip companions 1 meter round 1 chip of the first player 12 markers prices of property 55 money tokens         Admit it, sometimes all visited the idea that somewhere there is a rich relative that left a solid legacy, and I get it, you will unfold to the fullest. To practice in the difficult task of revelry will help Last Will, where you have to quickly spend inherited from an uncle a fortune.   Before us is a eurogame opposite – you try not to earn more, and get rid of existing seed capital. Finally, it is possible to realize your dreams: hire a personal chef, to go with the beautiful stranger in the restaurant and buy an expensive yacht. At the same time for fun process lies a deep strategy that its balance will please even the hardcore players.   Waiting for you a modular field which will determine the available actions, and 140 cards of the seven different types that will help you easily to manage money. One of the distinguishing features becomes a special track planning, which not only allows you to choose the next move, but also point relying at the same number of cards, even messengers and local action points. The latter, incidentally, have a serious impact on your ability, for example, the more drag on the ball, the more you can skip.   Despite the variety and depth of gameplay to understand it simply. In addition, we help easy icons, all actions obey logic. For example, the most crazy things are the most effective way to spend money: what could be sillier than to go sailing on a yacht, taking with him a horse, or to bring to the mansion a couple of friends and just be happy that before leaving, they brought with them and even the family silver. Just think about how you exactly not to do in real life, not to be ruined in one day, and do the opposite.   At Last Will it all perfectly, and with humor-filled illustrations perfectly complement the rollicking atmosphere of extravagance and revelry: you rush to the carriage, cheerfully waving to passersby with a bottle, that you went to an old friend with a provocative suggestion, and it's nice to look at the consequences of the party with a broken trashed the piano, rejoicing that this is a game, not real life.   Because the whole process tells us that we should not be greedy, and the creators of the Last Will not be stingy with the chic design of this Board game. You will find the highest quality of all components, a dense cardboard from which including money made by local wood chips in the form of cylinders and even a miniature silhouette of the houses. Cool performance once again emphasizes the atmosphere of luxury, where you will be. This can eurogame with a light heart to recommend not only to fans of the genre, but also just anyone who wants to have a good time.   Continue Reading Last Will. Video Guide Last Will – the first of its kind Board game where the winner is the one who damn near broke. Prove that you are a worthy nephew of a billionaire: throw money and enjoy the process, and the reward you will be countless riches of your uncle.   It would be difficult to take and pull all the money? But it's not so easy – you have to argue for the right sequence of moves with their rivals, and often those who go first, have less action and cards than those who begins to recklessly squander money when it's all walk up and resting. Invite an old friend from the deck of companions is a great idea, because he's always happy to add you a few points of action for the CRAIC!   The atmosphere of a European town of the nineteenth century permeates Last Will entirely: luxurious cards with stylish hand-drawn Bohemians and their servants, the wooden cylinders and tokens of luxury. Board game no doubt will satisfy the ladies and gentlemen of fourteen years, the lovers and connoisseurs of the spirit of the past centuries, and the party on average will take one hour.   How to spend money and get rich?   In the Board game Last Will a lot of ways to waste money, and will help you with this insanely nice business cards of several decks: adventures, companions and real estate. The deck is adventure – it is a theatre, sea travel, fancy dinners or balls. And the harder and samozabvenno you drink and dance, the more money slips through our fingers. Great!   Spend the money, and they did not end? Take companions: the chef, a lovely lady, a purebred hound or expensive stallion. Cabs, carriages, gentlemen's clubs, gardeners, waiters – all of them will help you empty the purse rapidly and brilliantly. Take the boat sea wolf and your ride will break records for the high cost!   A separate category of waste – estate. Buy urban houses, mansions and farms. They can settle the horses, cooks and ladies who instantly make the house even less profitable. Most likely, you will never have to repeat it in reality – buying a house, you would bring it to the ugly state and sell for a pittance. Act reckless, but remember that prices are constantly jumping, don't sell the farm inadvertently more expensive, than going!   Continue Reading