Last Will Board Game





32 x 23 x 7 cm

package contents:

3 bilateral field

5 personal tablet

12 extension for personal tablets

4 badge Customizer market

140 cards,

10 chips messenger

5 activity of

5 markers planning

30 chip companions

1 meter round

1 chip of the first player

12 markers prices of property

55 money tokens





Admit it, sometimes all visited the idea that somewhere there is a rich relative that left a solid legacy, and I get it, you will unfold to the fullest. To practice in the difficult task of revelry will help Last Will, where you have to quickly spend inherited from an uncle a fortune.


Before us is a eurogame opposite – you try not to earn more, and get rid of existing seed capital. Finally, it is possible to realize your dreams: hire a personal chef, to go with the beautiful stranger in the restaurant and buy an expensive yacht. At the same time for fun process lies a deep strategy that its balance will please even the hardcore players.


Waiting for you a modular field which will determine the available actions, and 140 cards of the seven different types that will help you easily to manage money. One of the distinguishing features becomes a special track planning, which not only allows you to choose the next move, but also point relying at the same number of cards, even messengers and local action points. The latter, incidentally, have a serious impact on your ability, for example, the more drag on the ball, the more you can skip.


Despite the variety and depth of gameplay to understand it simply. In addition, we help easy icons, all actions obey logic. For example, the most crazy things are the most effective way to spend money: what could be sillier than to go sailing on a yacht, taking with him a horse, or to bring to the mansion a couple of friends and just be happy that before leaving, they brought with them and even the family silver. Just think about how you exactly not to do in real life, not to be ruined in one day, and do the opposite.


At Last Will it all perfectly, and with humor-filled illustrations perfectly complement the rollicking atmosphere of extravagance and revelry: you rush to the carriage, cheerfully waving to passersby with a bottle, that you went to an old friend with a provocative suggestion, and it's nice to look at the consequences of the party with a broken trashed the piano, rejoicing that this is a game, not real life.


Because the whole process tells us that we should not be greedy, and the creators of the Last Will not be stingy with the chic design of this Board game. You will find the highest quality of all components, a dense cardboard from which including money made by local wood chips in the form of cylinders and even a miniature silhouette of the houses. Cool performance once again emphasizes the atmosphere of luxury, where you will be. This can eurogame with a light heart to recommend not only to fans of the genre, but also just anyone who wants to have a good time.