Last Will. I didn't think that spending money is so difficult!

Uncle was the rogue. To make fun of relatives, he decided very subtly: leave a legacy to those who faster other to get flushed down the toilet a certain amount. In General, a strange approach. Very rich people tend to be quite stingy, and there is such a disorder. For the first batch, it is recommended to 70 pounds, and then a special deck of cards to determine how much you will have to hurry to spend it. Spread, like, from 70 to 120. There should be noted the originality of the theme as a whole, because in any other game you are going to make money or victory points, and here it is necessary to remove from the dough and do it as efficiently as possible. And your brain is very difficult to reconstruct such recklessness, which is a conflict with the need, as in any other Euro, to analyze, to calculate their moves and look for more optimal way of extravagance. Always throws those phrases like, "For this I get 4 pounds", and immediately correct myself: "Oh, no, don't get and spend!". Although the essence of, to be honest, is the same. Reversal and imagine that we need to spend and earn £ 70, and the game did will not change. And originality of the entire shoots.


Well. A little vivesa in the role and see how let's make it rain and how to make it more efficient and effective. A certain atmosphere despite abrahamovitch is indeed present, even the name of the phases allows you to feel it. The game lasts a number of rounds until the moment, when someone does not go to zero or go into debt or not over the last, seventh, round. The first and fifth phases of the round is the setup and the end of the round, you need to prepare for the next round and absolutely do not carry the gaming load. In the second phase we plan to the next day revelry to the fullest, one at a time, starting with the first player, selecting from eight possible options for the next day. We evaluate the options according to three criteria and choose the most acceptable to us: the number of cards we receive, the number of messengers that we send with the instructions and the number of actions that can be used to actually spending a blood uncle. Between the plans there is a balance: in one case you get a lot of cards in hand, but little action in the other — a lot of action, but will be left entirely without maps. The choice of plan also affects what players are the first to send messengers for all sorts nyashki, that is, determines the next move to the next phase.


A typical worker placement awaits us in the third phase of the game — phase of the messengers. We put your cylinders on a common field, and once something get. You can just go to the theater and spend it on a couple of pounds, maybe it's a weak move, but can be a good option. In another case, you can change the situation on the real estate market: reduce the cost of some types of buildings and improve — others. This is a very interesting thing, but real estate transactions are quite a dark horse, if they are considered relatively advantageous strategies. Also you can expand your personal field, allowing him to put on more cards. All the other places allow you to get a hand of cards that you can enter in game in this round. Oh, how boring to describe these are your rules, horror. Hedgehogs were pricked, but... Now I will tell you about the cards and how the mechanism works!


To the fourth phase — the phase of action for you that you had on hand a number of cards most likely different types. Each card, especially in conjunction with other cards, will allow you to throw a certain number babletsa when you activate it. So, when planning your day, you received a certain number of actions, which you spend to activate cards. White card (event) — a one-time thing, which are activated and then reset. You can go and fill up tightly in a restaurant, carriage rides, walks on the yacht, etc. But doing these things alone is not necessarily, because if you have on hand card companions it is possible to take a dog to go on horseback, to invite a lady or having a private chef. These cards are not played separately, but in conjunction with other cards can afford to bucks more. But if you, for example, showed up to the ball, then it is possible pretty let's make it rain, though the amount of money spent depends on the number of actions that are given to you on this round. And it is never large, always enough to darling turned on full. Pichalka.


Of greatest interest are cards with black piping, because they can be placed in his personal box, to activate each round, throwing off at the same some amount of money. Very handy thing, you will not be removed from the field. Here is a typical such expenses, as in white event maps, and have "helpers". And the "helper" is in quotes, because actually this is a rascal rascal, robbing you. Black card spending are different from the white event cards is the fact that once you enter the game, allow you to spend money each round. Card partners can be combined with maps events and maps costs. The map companion is reset, and a black card is put a marker of a certain color. I've never seen wooden pale pink, they are so cute! Pink lady, brown dog, white — cooks, yellow horses. So, what about the cards I haven't told? And, most interesting, and ambiguous — about real estate and transactions with it.


Map of real estate have black piping, that means they need to place on your own field. Purchase of buildings or farms will allow the applicant for a giant inheritance to quickly spend a considerable amount. Real estate in the Last Will cost you about twenty pounds, that, you, a lot. Besides, when you activate these cards, you are again wasting money. But it's a double-edged sword, because you can't win in the rat race, if you do not sell previously purchased buildings. By the way, maps associates real estate can also be combined.


Selling the building, you obviously get the money back, but there is an interesting nuance. You can influence the value of the buildings at the moments of their purchases and sales. First, in the phase messengers that can affect the value of certain types of buildings, changing the markers on the real estate market. When dealing with it to the cost of building or added a certain number of pounds, or subtracted from it. Here, of course, it is advantageous to buy more expensive and sell cheaper (we do spend money). Due to the market it is possible to represent the amplitude of 6 pounds (from -3 to +3 to cost). Second, while the building is on your Board, with each round the value of it drops one notch, but only if the round it was activated. And, thirdly, to reduce the cost of existing properties is possible due to the introduction of the game's special cards, they can be with white and black piping.


Special cards can either recall the cards from standard decks (though be a bit stronger), and may be quite different. That's why all the icons speckart decoded on the last page of the rules. These cards can allow you many things: to increase the number of actions in the round, to vary the value of property for buying/selling, you can get additional money during the campaigns to the same restaurant or something, not to waste action on the purchase of real estate. In General, it really is worth a look.


By the way, when I read the rules, then very quickly move into them, I really didn't perceive by ear. This, apparently, associated difficulties of mastering the rules when someone says them to me. We played with Olga one party to understand, however, she won, and I ended up with three measly pounds. We once thought that the difficulty in mastering the game can be associated only with variety of cards that in fact, if we ignore the atmosphere, and not so difficult, because everything is very available shown as icons. White to play immediately, the black — Luggage on Board. If you need to spend an action at some step, then all prilepnica the letter "A" (action), so you don't forget. If you specify a number of pounds, it means that as much you spend. It's hard to get lost. May with special cards need the reminder, though in the second or third game and she, I'm sure, would no longer be needed.


The second batch was much more interesting has happened in our club, Board games at the next Friday's game library. In it, I was involved purely as a game master, gathering around him a circle of investigators. Even Julia sat down to play, though, as usual, only for Mahjong :). By the way, she won... that's what an economist to the bone — I managed to get into debt at -7 lbs, while the others remained with 13-20 pounds in his pocket. A good backlash. Of course, in such hands, the enchanting heritage shone it Julia. The fact that she rapidly wins, it became clear somewhere for a couple of rounds to end the game. All the other depressed. It is very difficult to judge a winning strategy, as far as I know, those who played "the Last will" an elderly relative, also there is no clear successful revelers. The yellow mipl expresses doubt about the wisdom of real estate transactions. But facts are a stubborn thing, because Julia had bought a lot of buildings, well they used greatly reduced the cost and pushed generally on the cheap. By the way, thanks largely to speckart. What to do to win? Can't answer the scenarios quite a lot.


The familiarity with this game encouraged by the fact that she is beautiful and not very complicated. Perhaps dry, as any Euro, and is not super original mechanic in your stock, but at the same time really has a certain atmosphere thanks to the unique topic. You start the morning with, plan the day, then sent messengers on errands, and then have fun and throw money, gladly allowing himself to cheat every crooks. In this game there is even a sense of the transience of time, because you have only a week to spend 70 pounds, and how well you do, depends on you.