Last Will. Video Guide

Last Will – the first of its kind Board game where the winner is the one who damn near broke. Prove that you are a worthy nephew of a billionaire: throw money and enjoy the process, and the reward you will be countless riches of your uncle.


It would be difficult to take and pull all the money? But it's not so easy – you have to argue for the right sequence of moves with their rivals, and often those who go first, have less action and cards than those who begins to recklessly squander money when it's all walk up and resting. Invite an old friend from the deck of companions is a great idea, because he's always happy to add you a few points of action for the CRAIC!


The atmosphere of a European town of the nineteenth century permeates Last Will entirely: luxurious cards with stylish hand-drawn Bohemians and their servants, the wooden cylinders and tokens of luxury. Board game no doubt will satisfy the ladies and gentlemen of fourteen years, the lovers and connoisseurs of the spirit of the past centuries, and the party on average will take one hour.


How to spend money and get rich?


In the Board game Last Will a lot of ways to waste money, and will help you with this insanely nice business cards of several decks: adventures, companions and real estate. The deck is adventure – it is a theatre, sea travel, fancy dinners or balls. And the harder and samozabvenno you drink and dance, the more money slips through our fingers. Great!


Spend the money, and they did not end? Take companions: the chef, a lovely lady, a purebred hound or expensive stallion. Cabs, carriages, gentlemen's clubs, gardeners, waiters – all of them will help you empty the purse rapidly and brilliantly. Take the boat sea wolf and your ride will break records for the high cost!


A separate category of waste – estate. Buy urban houses, mansions and farms. They can settle the horses, cooks and ladies who instantly make the house even less profitable. Most likely, you will never have to repeat it in reality – buying a house, you would bring it to the ugly state and sell for a pittance. Act reckless, but remember that prices are constantly jumping, don't sell the farm inadvertently more expensive, than going!