Last Will on PC

  • Developer: Lizard Factory
  • Genre: Logic (Puzzle) / 1st Person / Indie
  • Version: Release
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Official information

Release Date 29 August 2016
Developer Lizard Factory
Publisher Lizard Factory
Genre Logic (Puzzle) / 1st Person / Indie
Language English only
System PC
Version Release


Last Will Game

Your lapsed into madness Grandfather devoted the last years of his life the idea of isolating himself from society and took refuge in the deep and mysterious family estate. Gloomy mansion of the dead gets you inherited. Selecting free time, you are going to the mansion, where you will find ancestral treasure... or adventures on the fifth point.


Last Will is a co – op game-puzzle in which you and your friends will have to get into the center of a Grand mansion, where he zatwarnica eccentric and paranoid Professor, your old grandfather. To go through all the rooms of the house, will have the full power to use your logic and perception, to recall the math and solve many mysteries.


A vast and spooky mansion will be generated every time randomly, for more replay value. In the house of the players will have to wait ten huge rooms literally Packed with quests. Also players get into the parks, gardens and other suburbs of the mansion, of course, gloomy and oppressive. By the way, the mansion is falling apart and players will have to look down and around.


To wander the corridors alone, it is difficult and long, or in the campaign four best friends that it is not so scary, and even rather fun. You can select one of two modes: the"Escape" where you want to leave the house for some time and "Free mode", where you can walk through the rooms and quietly to solve the next puzzle. In this mode, players can adjust the pace and difficulty of the game.


In the future, new rooms and puzzles will be added. While it is possible to solve more than 20 types of puzzles, some will exude a paranormal horror. In the next update will have a basement in which players can manage a few uncomfortable hours. It is also planned to increase the logical chains of quests – if you now can solve the mystery in minutes, then in the future you will need tens of minutes.


Despite the technically completed status of development, the game Will Last is a kind of early access and in the future will be filled with content.


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